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This year we are rolling out a new database to help to better manage information about all of the families of the Church.  This will be a centralized database, allowing for one convenient place for the church to keep up with all things new with you and your family. This one place will provide all ministries with contact information in order facilitate communication. Therefore, it is important that we have updated information on you and your family members.

If your a new member click on the New Member form and submit it


Current Members

New Members

Current Members please use the form below to send Family ID.

Family ID:

If the form above does not work please email you Family ID to

If you lost or don't know your Family ID CLICK HERE to learn what to do.


Need Help?

For those of you that need further assistance, step by step directions can be found by clicking on the link here: Click here for directions

If you have any questions please email them to

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What Information are you looking for?

Question 2: What is PDS?

Question 3: What is a Family ID?

Question 4: What is my Family ID?



Question 1: What information are you looking for?

We are collecing all information that could help us to improve communication and organization of this community. To see all of the information that we are looking for click the download button below for a blank registration form.

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Question 2: What is PDS?

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America partnered with Parish Data System, a few years back, to bring software solutions for parish membership, stewardship, management and financial accounting needs. The Parish Data System software is the only approved and supported Orthodox Software. This software has many more capabilities than we have had in the past. The new software will allow us to bring all the information into one place as well as allow us to keep even more information about each family in our parish.

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Question 3: What is the FamilyID?

Family ID is a unique number that is assigned to each family. This number serves to the key to all of your information. When you need to change or update your information you will need to provide your Family ID.

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Question 4: What is My Family ID

Fill out the form below to request you Family ID.

First name:

Last name:

Street Address:



Zip Code:


If you click the "Send" button, your default email app should open. All you will have to do is click the send button.

If this doesn't work you can email the following information to If you communicate by email you should look forward a email from If you need help you can call the church office at (336) 765-7145


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Mobile Database

Site #: MOBILE-159651


On Site Update

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"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." - Romans 15:7






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Orthros: 8:45am
Divine Liturgy: 10:00am


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